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Use extreme caution and be aware of potentially dangerous situations around you!

Gas and Electricity: 
  • Report hazards to utility companies as soon as possible - downed power lines, broken water mains or gas lines. 
  • Do not touch downed power lines or hanging wires for any reason. Avoid puddles and water with wires near them. Do not touch trees or other objects that are in contact with power lines. 
  • Be aware that gas lines may be leaking. Sparks may trigger an explosion. Do not strike matches, light cigarettes, or turn on light switches until you are sure no gas is leaking or present. 
Food and Water:
  • Do not drink the tap water until officials have announced it’s safe.
  • Once power is restored, inspect refrigerated food for spoilage. 
  • Do not use propane generators, camp stoves or charcoal grills indoors. 
  • Avoid driving if possible. Debris, damaged roadways and bridges, road blocks, non working traffic lights and downed or damaged traffic signs may increase risk of accidents.
  • Flooding may still be present on roadways. Do not attempt to drive through standing water. Turn around, don't drown!
  • If power is out, gasoline will be in short supply and gas stations will have long lines.
  • At intersections with stop lights out, drive with caution and treat it as a 4-way stop. 
  • Avoid roads, bridges or structures that have sustained damage. 
  • Look out for nails, broken glass or other sharp debris. 
  • Debris may contain hazardous chemicals and waste. 
  • Consult the Solid Waste Authority for debris guidelines and information. 
  • Sort your debris according to the guidelines.
  • Use caution when walking outside or walking pets as snakes and other potentially dangerous animals could be loose. 
  • Notify an out-of-town family member or friend that you are safe.
  • Phone lines and cell towers will be damaged or overloaded. Try making calls at “off peak” times if possible.
  • Use 9-1-1 for emergency calls only.  
  • Continue to monitor local news sources for announcements and notifications from officials. 
Generator Powered Stores and Gas Stations: 

Last Updated: 4/18/2018

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