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Clean and Safe Administrator and Staff

The Administrator is accountable for the maintenance and cleanliness within the Clean and Safe District; however, the Administrator is not directly responsible for public safety. This will remain a law enforcement function.  However, the Administrator will meet periodically with law enforcement to discuss crime trends and issues within the district.

Maintenance issues will be tracked and disseminated through the city's software by the Administrator or a designee.  Additionally, the Administrator will be responsible for overseeing the maintenance-related contracts to ensure contractors are delivering on services.  Given the fluidity of the district and the need to monitor it twenty-four hours, 7 days a week, the Administrator will adjust his/her working hours based on needs, meetings and events occurring within the district.    

The Administrator will also be responsible for establishing a good working relationship with business owners and educate them on their responsibilities to keeping their areas clean. Provided below is the Clean and Safe Organization Chart, which outlines the staffing pattern:   

Org Chart

Clean and Safe Program's Maintenance or “Clean” Unit

The Clean and Safe Maintenance Unit currently consists of personnel comprised of Code Enforcement Officers, Sanitation Officers and maintenance personnel, all of whom are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the area. Their duties and responsibilities include doing anything from picking up trash, painting, pressure-cleaning, street cleaning and even advising and assisting businesses and the public in refraining from violating any City ordinances and rules regarding cleanliness and maintenance. The electrician is specifically responsible to ensure that all the decorative lighting, including the twinkle lights, rope lights, decorative street lights and outlets in the district are in working order.

Clean and Safe Program’s Code Enforcement

Code GuysThe Clean and Safe Code Enforcement personnel ensure compliance with the City’s ordinances and codes to enhance the quality of life and a visitors experience in the entertainment and business district of the Downtown area. The officers encourage voluntary compliance through the use of community-oriented, problem-solving techniques. The first technique for problem-solving is one-on-one conversations with the property owner to explain the issues and allow them to come into compliance on their own. If this is not effective, the property owner will be served with legal documentation such as warnings, issuance of violation notices, civil citations and as a last resort, notices to appear. The Code Enforcement personnel will develop informational brochures and other creative methods to help businesses understand what is expected to keep our downtown looking as neat and clean as possible.      

Amanda Skeberis
Clean & Safe Administrator
(561) 243-7287


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