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Clean and Safe Administrator and Staff

The Administrator is accountable for the maintenance, cleanliness, attractiveness and overall functionality of the District by supervising Clean & Safe staff and working closely with other City departments. Additionally, the Administrator is responsible for overseeing some maintenance-related contracts such as, pressure-cleaning and communicates with other departments responsible for contracts such as, tree trimming and landscaping. The Administrator adjusts working hours based on nightlife observation, meetings, special events or emergencies when needed.    

The Administrator is also responsible for establishing healthy, working relationships with residents and business owners. In addition, the Administrator maintains open dialogue with and attends meetings for the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), West Atlantic Redevelopment Coalition (WARC), Pineapple Grove Arts District (PGAD) and many more. The Administrator also holds a chair on the Special Events Tactical Advisory Committee, or SETAC, as the majority of these events take place within the District. 

Clean and Safe’s Sanitation and General Maintenance - “Clean” Unit

The Sanitation Division ensures dumpsters are neat, grease traps and mat rinses are being used and that garbage is being disposed of in the proper receptacles. Sanitation also removes illegally-dumped piles of debris within the District by working closely with Waste Management. Sanitation educates businesses and the public on City ordinances pertaining to cleanliness and maintenance.

General Maintenance handles anything from litter abatement, emptying overflowing garbage receptacles, painting, pressure-cleaning, hedge trimming, enhancing landscapes, graffiti removal and much more – seven (7) days a week!

Maintenance issues can be reported via phone at 561-243-7287 or through the Citizen Support Center at: https://delraybeachfl.mycusthelp.com/webapp/_rs/(S(sijoysjmwh2jpvdo3rnw0v15))/SupportHome.aspx.

Clean and Safe’s Electricians and Code Enforcement - “Safe” Unit

Electricians are specifically responsible for all decorative light poles within the district, a critical element to the safety component. This includes ensuring outages are repaired within twenty-four hours, broken globes are replaced, ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI or GFI, outlets) are functioning, installing new decorative light poles, replacing and/or rebuilding light parts, and reporting FPL and/or County light outages.

Code Enforcement works closely with the Police Department, especially regarding vacant lots and houses that generate negative activity. Code Enforcement can issue violations for properly securing vacant houses, mowing overgrown lots and trimming overgrown trees, removing abandoned vehicles, and other violations that help to reduce negativity activity. Code Enforcement seeks compliance with the City’s ordinances and Land Development Regulations (LDRs) through the use of community-oriented, problem-solving techniques. One-on-one conversations with property owners allow for issues to be brought to their attention and afford them the opportunity to come into compliance on their own. Code Enforcement also creates informational brochures or flyers to help businesses understand what is expected to keep Downtown looking as attractive and clean as possible, especially after major events.    

In addition, Clean & Safe works closely with members from the Clean & Safe Police Unit to relay concerns of suspicious and/or criminal activity, trespassing and other public safety issues as they pertain to the District. More information about the public safety aspect can be found at: http://www.mydelraybeach.com/departments/police/community_response.php.

Amanda Skeberis
Clean & Safe Administrator
(561) 243-7287


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