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The City of Delray Beach is committed to neighborhood revitalization and improvement of the condition of existing housing for its residents.  The Housing Rehabilitation Program provides grants to eligible very low, low and moderate income households for the renovation or repair of existing substandard homes. 

The rehabilitation of homes addresses building and code violations; interior and exterior building, electrical and plumbing problems; health and safety issues; and the retrofit of special items for those with special needs.  Once eligibility is established, the City's Neighborhood Services Division administers the rehabilitation program, obtains competitive bids for the rehabilitation improvements from licensed contractors, inspects the work performed in accordance with the City's Building Codes, and issues payment directly to the contractors upon satisfactory completion of the work that has been approved by the Building and Inspection Division.

Qualifying for Participation

For the purposes of determining eligibility and affordability for participation in the Housing Rehabilitation Program, the following criteria is utilized.  The applicant must:  qualify according to the annual income limits adjusted to family size for Palm Beach County, be the owner/occupant of a single family unit located within the boundaries of the CDBG Target Area or incorporated City limits, demonstrate need of improvements that are eligible rehabilitation activities, project costs must not exceed either $45,000 or 51% of the value of the unit; must be able to show that mortgage payments and taxes are up to date and be able to provide proof of current homeowners insurance.

Funding for Grant Awards

The City of Delray Beach supports its housing efforts by relying on the financial strength of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP), Residential Construction Mitigation Program (RCMP)  and Disaster Recovery Initiatives (DRI) Programs for its funding.  The value of the grant awarded for the purposes of rehabilitation will be secured by a lien agreement and full payment of the grant is due:   should the owner/occupant sell or transfer the property (except for major healthcare expenses or by inheritance at death), payable to the City of Delray Beach.

Applying For Participation In The City Of Delray Beach's Housing Rehabilitation Program

Click the following link to download the application:  Housing Assistance Application and mail or bring it to the Neighborhood Services Division, located on the first floor of City Hall, 100 NW 1st Avenue, Delray Beach, FL  33444, or call (561)243-7280.

Other Programs Available
Curb Appeal Program


100 NW 1st Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33444

Neighborhood Services Administrator


(561) 243-7280 


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