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                             Beach Master Plan Updates

Delray Beach Master Plan Week of April 24, 2017

A mobilization plan was crafted for moving the construction to the south end of the Beach between Casuarina Drive and the Sandoway parking lot. The general contractor began cutting back the toe of the Dune to allow for forming of the new sidewalk on the north end of the Beach. The City Commission authorized improvements to the existing knee wall, which will enlarge the base and cap and improve the appearance of the wall.

Beach Promenade benches, plaques and stone memorials have been removed and safely stored. Any donor of the same should contact Isaac Kovner at 561-243-7000, ext. 4119, to discuss options for future location.

Upcoming Activities:

  • On April 24, 2017 MBR will begin mobilizing for construction (demolition) at Casuarina Road and progress north to the Sandoway pedestrian crosswalk with the installation of the construction/protection fence. The fence should be in place by Tuesday morning (April 25).  City Staff will also begin removing/relocating items in the proposed work zone area:  parking meters, trash receptacles, dog waste receptacles, bike racks, road/traffic signage, and relocating the existing benches and stone memorials to the ESD complex.  Water, electrical, and irrigation services will be located and protected in the work zone area.  It is anticipated that the actual demolition will begin by 4/26/17.  The existing concrete debris will be hauled off site by D.S. Eakins who will recycle the concrete adding to our sustainability efforts.
  • Additional Downtown Roundabout route will be added on Monday, April 24 to accommodate beach goers who choose to park at parking garages due to limited parking at the beach. 
  • Concrete mock-ups of the future sidewalk are tentatively scheduled to be ready for review and approval on Friday, April 28.
  • The knee-wall encapsulation (north side) will run in tandem with the work scheduled currently at the south side. 


As construction mobilizes on the Promenade, certain on-street parking spaces along the beach will become unavailable. However, we will make every effort to make parking alternatives accessible whenever possible. Parking in all public parking lots along the beach, including the Sandoway lot, will continue to be available. For those who choose to park in public parking garages, a third trolley has been added with a new route featuring stops at the parking garages and additional stops along the beach to accommodate beach-goers.

Bicycle lanes:

Bicyclists will be able to use the bicycle lane, but we urge extra caution in this area.  The bicycle lane on Ocean Boulevard will be narrowed with barriers to protect the general public from the construction activities.

Worksite Information:

The contractor has secured the Beach Promenade area on the north end of the beach to create two safe zones -- one for protected sidewalk and beach access for the public and one for protection of the construction site. Directional and informational signage is present.  Utility structures, irrigation, electrical and existing trees are protected from construction activities.

Public notifications concerning sidewalk closures are posted. The contractor is working with the public on providing safe entry to the beach through designated areas within the construction zone.

Contact information:

For questions concerning parking during construction, please contact Jorge Alarcon at (561) 243-7000 ext. 4112.

For the trolley service, please contact Xavier Falconi at (561) 243-7000 ext. 4113.

For general questions concerning the construction, please contact Isaac Kovner at (561) 243-7000 ext. 4119.

The City apologizes for any inconvenience the construction may impose.  We thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Stay informed with up-to-date information by visiting our website: (www.mydelraybeach.com)



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