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Public Works Administration provides logistical support for 7 operating divisions, represents the department at all City Commission meetings, provides oversight for City employees involved in special events, coordinates activities with other departments for the effective operation of City functions, coordinates the City auction, and prepares budgets for all divisions within the department.

Building Maintenance
This division takes care of 113 City owned facilities. They 
perform general maintenance including plumbing, electrical, painting and relocation of equipment, plus assist at all special events. The division consists of five employees and is supervised by the Building Maintenance Superintendent.

City Garage
This division is responsible for maintaining, in a safe and 
reliable manner, all assigned fleet assets which includes: 99 passenger vehicles, 115 pickups, 21 pieces of construction equipment, 24 vans, 19 utility vehicles, 6 medium trucks and 11 heavy duty trucks, 106 police patrol cars, 89 trailers, 14 golf carts , 7 ATV's, 5 motor cycles, 3 boats, 3 street sweepers, 1 bus, and 24 Heavy Fire/Rescue vehicles. Fleet Maintenance has 12 employees authorized for this fiscal year.


  • Maintain 547 vehicles
  • Police Department Vehicles - monthly
  • Fire Apparatus - quarterly
  • Cars and Pickups
  • Other heavy equipment
Stormwater Maintenance
Our goal is to protect citizens and the environment by improving 
water quality and minimizing street flooding.  Stormwater Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the City's stormwater conveyance systems i.e. pipes, storm drains, catch basins, retention ponds and other drainage structures.  Services provided include annual cleaning of the City's drainage system.  In addition sweeping of City's roadways and parking lots are performed five (5) times a week.  They also provide for the maintenance of city canals for removal of invasive aquatic plant species which may reduce system function.


  • Street sweeping (6,760 curb miles annually)
  • Catch basin maintenance and cleaning (1,650 total)
  • Parking lot sweeping (25 lots)
  • Swale maintenance
  • Pipe repair/cleaning
  • Special Events assistance

Street Lighting
To report street light outages to FPL please call 1-800-375-2434. This division
has historically paid energy costs associated with street lights found in the City. Over the past few years the City has increased the number of decorative lights. There is currently one full time and one part time electrician that maintain and repair all the lights.


  • Repair decorative lights/turtle lights
  • FPL installation costs
  • Monitor street light outages
  • Liaison to FPL
  • Repair to all rope and twinkle lights

 Street Maintenance
Street Maintenance Division is responsible for making sure our
 streets are safe for public use.  Sidewalk maintenance, pothole patching, brick maintenance, alley-way maintenance and small paving projects, are some of the many functions this Team provides for our citizens. In addition, our Street Maintenance Team serves as support for special events and lends a hand to help Traffic Operations where and when needed.


  • Construct/repair sidewalks and curbs (250 miles of sidewalk)
  • Street asphalt patching/maintenance (175 miles)
  • Grade unpaved streets bi-monthly
  • Decorative trash can repair/replacement (113 trash cans)
  • Replace parking lot car stops (over 1200)
  • Pot hole patching
  • Special Events assistance

Traffic Operations
Traffic Maintenance Department functions include the manufacture, 
installation and maintenance of traffic control signs.  Street striping and pavement markings are upgraded on City streets to ensure safe, smooth traffic flow.  Other functions of the Traffic Maintenance Department include coordination of traffic studies in response to citizen complaints and providing data, which is used for making recommendations for intersections improvements.  In addition to banner installation, street closures for special events are provided, to ensure the safety of pedestrian and provide a clear safe navigation for motorist during events.


  • 32,237 L.F. of Road markings/Striping
  • 24 Traffic Studies per year
  • Maintains 30,000+ signs in the City
  • Special Event sign preparation (2,224 per year)
  • Special Event assistance signs, barricading


Joe Frantz
Deputy Director of Public Works

Phone: (561) 243-7000
Extension: 4305
Fax: (561) 243-7060

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