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If your company accepts payments via Visa credit cards, then we would like to introduce you to the ProcessMe payment program provided by Commerce Bank.  ProcessMe is a way to replace paper checks with electronic payment, eliminating delays caused by the mail and check processing.

How It Works
Upon enrolling in the program, Commerce Bank will provide you with a Visa account number which will be used for payment of your invoices by the City.  You do NOT have to bank with Commerce.  Once the City approves an invoice for payment, the ProcessMe system will send you an e-mail with instructions to process the transaction on the Commerce Bank Visa card.  In essence, the Visa account number is kept on file to pay for City purchases.

Below is an example of the email generated upon invoice approval.

Sent: Wednesday, August 4, 2010, 3:06 PM

To: Vendor

City of Delray Remittance Advice: REQXXXXXXXXTo receive payment for the below referenced invoice(s), please charge the total amount of $XXX.XX on your dedicated Commerce Bank VISA account number ending in XXXX. By processing payment, you acknowledge that the invoices listed below are invoices for products or services that you have provided. By charging the amount shown as a single transaction within X calendar days you will significantly reduce the possibility of payment complications.If you have any questions or need assistance in charging this amount as a single transaction, please contact your City of Delray Beach accounts payable representative.Detail Information

Invoice Number









  • Funds are deposited safely and securely into your account.

  • Reduces administrative costs.

  • Reduces late payment issues and over-extensions.

  • Eliminates delays associated with mailed checks.

  • Your company has early access to funds.

How to Enroll

Complete a Vendor Visa Acceptance form and email it to AccountsPayable@mydelraybeach.com, fax it to (561) 243-7166, or mail it to the address below.

City of Delray Beach Finance Department
Attention: Accounts Payable
100 N.W. 1st Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33444


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