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I was sent a bill for ambulance transport. Who do I call to ask questions about this bill?

Will Delray Beach Fire-Rescue ever call to solicit money or donations?

Why do I see fire trucks at Publix Supermarkets?

What do I need to know if I have a fire hydrant near my home?

Why do I see a unit responding with the lights and siren on then all of a sudden shut everything off and drive normal?

What should I do when an emergency vehicle is approaching with the lights and siren on?

Why do we send a ladder truck to car accidents?

How can I learn more about the operations within the fire-rescue department?

Why do so many people come to my medical emergency?

Why are so many Fire-Rescue vehicles sent to a single family home fire?

I have Firefighter training/certification from another state. Is it transferable to Florida?

How do I become a firefighter or paramedic with Delray Beach Fire Rescue?

I was involved in an accident last week. Delray Beach Fire-Rescue transported me to the hospital. I need a copy of the report. How do I get this?

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