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Civil Service Code of Rules and Regulations

The Civil Service Code of Rules and Regulations was established for personnel administration based on merit principles and methods governing the appointment, promotion, transfer, layoff, demotion, dismissal, suspension, removal and discipline of certain of its officers and employees.

All persons employed on a regular, full-time basis by the City in any department, excluding department heads, shall be construed to come within the provisions of the Civil Service Act of the City of Delray Beach, Florida, as amended.

The Civil Service Code of Rules and Regulations and the Personnel Policies adopted pursuant thereto shall not apply to nor be maintained for any person employed for part-time, seasonal or temporary duty only; nor shall it include employees covered under the terms of a collective bargaining agreement, or expired collective bargaining agreement which is subject to renegotiation unless otherwise expressly provided in this subchapter or in the code of rules and regulations or in the collective bargaining agreement.


Click the link below to view the Civil Service Code of Rules & Regulations:

Civil Code

100 NW 1st Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33444

Human Resources Director

(561) 243-7125


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