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Administrative Offices

Delray Beach Community Center
50 NW 1st Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33444


(561) 243-7250
General Information, Community Center Meeting Room Reservations

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Administrative Offices Suzanne Fisher, CPRP Parks and Recreation Director fisher@mydelraybeach.com (561) 243-7000 x5106
Administrative Offices Samuel Metott, CPRE Assistant Director MetottS@mydelraybeach.com (561) 243-7000 x5113
Administrative Offices Amy Hanson, CPRP Recreation Superintendent HansonA@mydelraybeach.com (561) 243-7000 x5105
Administrative Offices Danielle Beardsley Marketing/Special Event Coordinator beardsleyd@mydelraybeach.com (561) 243-7277
Administrative Offices Tonya Smith Out of School Program Coordinator smithtc@mydelraybeach.com (561) 243-7000 x5110
Administrative Offices Priscilla Patrick Marina Patrick@mydelraybeach.com (561) 243-7250 x7255
Community Center Tom Kwiatek Community Center/Athletics - Recreation Supervisor III - Basketball, Little League Baseball/T-Ball, Softball, Leagues kwiatek@mydelraybeach.com (561) 243-7070
Veterans Park Abby Murell, CPRP Recreation Supervisor III/Site Supervisor murrell@mydelraybeach.com (561) 243-7350
Pompey Park Rashod Smith Recreation Supervisor III/Site Supervisor smithra@mydelraybeach.com (561) 243-7356
Pompey Park Deirdra Thomas Administrative Assistant - Pompey Park Facility Rentals and Pavilions and Athletic Field Reservations thomasd@mydelraybeach.com (561) 243-7356
Pompey Park Prentice Mobley Recreation Supervisor II Mobley@mydelraybeach.com (561) 243-7356
Pompey Park Verna Harris Senior Programming harrisv@mydelraybeach.com (561) 243-7356
"505" Teen Center and Hobbit Skate Park Danielle B. Pearson "505" Teen Center and Skate Park pearson@mydelraybeach.com (561) 243-7158
Community Center Erik Lawson Recreation Supervisor II/Site Supervisor lawsone@mydelraybeach.com (561) 243-7250
Aquatics Gerard Smith Aquatics Operations Supervisor - Pompey Park Pool, Delray Swim Club, Swim Lessons, Junior Lifeguard, Lifeguard Training, CPR and First Aid Training smithg@mydelraybeach.com (561) 243-7358
Parks Maintenance Tim Simmons Parks Maintenance Superintendent simmons@mydelraybeach.com (561) 243-7000 x4509
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