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The Comprehensive Planning aspect of the Department is directed by the City's adopted Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan is the City's overall policy document. It describes how the community looks today and how it is expected to look in the future.

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The New Comprehensive Plan (Projected Adoption in Spring 2018)
The City has begun a process to update the current plan. This process will take about 18 months to completeIt includes information and plans for a wide range of topics including: future land use, transportation, economic development, healthy communities, education, sustainability and resilience, historic preservation, housing, recreation, infrastructure, conservation, and coastal management. Through each of these are separate elements of the plan, they all work together to ensure a complete and holistic plan for the future of Delray Beach.

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Current Comprehensive Plan
The COMPREHENSIVE PLAN  includes plans for land use, transportation, housing, recreation, conservation, capital improvement, intergovernmental coordination, infrastructure, and coastal management. Each of these topics is written as a separate element within the Comprehensive Plan. All elements together must be compatible and complement the other elements, thus ensuring a systematic plan for future growth. 

The Program of monitoring and implementing the Comprehensive Plan constitutes a major function of the Department. This program includes:


    The Comprehensive Plan is regularly updated and amended to reflect tasks accomplished or changes in policy direction. Two Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan are processed each year. Private petitions to change the Future Land Use Map are also processed along with these amendments.

  • Preparing an ANNUAL REPORT which analyzes the cumulative impact of all land use actions on growth projections and the progress of infrastructure programs and activities within the last fiscal year. The annual report is reviewed at a public meeting held in January of each year.


    The Department provides input on the City's capital budget as it relates to consistency with the five year schedule of capital improvement projects and Comprehensive Plan policies.

  • Preparing STUDIES or ACTIVITIES needed to fulfill specific goals of the Comprehensive Plan.

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