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The City's Land Development Regulations are available on Municode.

HELPFUL HINT: To find more information on the Ordinances referenced next to those LDRs which have been amended, go to the City Clerk's page and look up the Ordinance number within the Document Archives.

Zoning Districts
Please refer to the Zoning Map to find which district regulations are applicable for each property.

LDR Amendments
Municode is updated each March and October; those LDR Amendments which are approved between updates are listed below:

Ordinance 24-17: Amending LDR Section 4.3.3, “Special Requirements For Specific Uses”, by adopting a new Subsection (C), “Automotive Rental Facility” to regulate this type of use in both the “General Commercial (GC) District” and the “Planned Commercial (PC) District”  as either a Permitted Accessory Use  or a Conditional Use;  adopting Subsections 4.4.9(C)(7) and 4.4.12(C)(5) to permit Automotive Rental Facility as an Accessory Use in the GC and PC Districts, respectively; Amending Section 4.4.12 by adopting a new Subsection (D)(6) to allow Automotive Rental Facility, Neighborhood as a Conditional Use in the PC District and within the Four Corners Overlay District; Establishing definitions for the “Accessory” And “Neighborhood” Categories of an “Automotive Rental Facility Use By Amending Appendix A “Definitions.”

Ordinance 37-17: Amending Chapter 4 “Zoning Regulations”, by repealing Section 4.5.4, “Coastal Construction”, in its entirety; By amending all previous references to Section 4.5.4 in the LDRs to refer to Chapter 10.

Ordinance 38-17:
 Amending LDR Article 2.4 “General Procedures”, Section 2.4.5 “Procedures For Obtaining Development Approvals”, Sub-Section 2.4.5(A) “Amendments To The Comprehensive Plan” and  Repealing Chapter 9, “The Comprehensive Plan”  in its entirety. 

Ordinance 39-17: Amending LDR Chapter Four, “Zoning Regulations”, Article 4.4, “Base Zoning District”, Section 4.4.13, “Central Business District (CBD)”, by adding  Subsection 4.4.13(I)(2)(I) “CBD Parking Standards”, “Minimum Number Of Off-Street Parking Spaces” to not require additional parking for changes in use in existing commercial buildings within the West Atlantic Neighborhood Sub-District. 

Please check back soon for additional LDR Amendments currently pending approval.
(Updated: 01.25.2018) 

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