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NEW: Tri-Rail Coastal Link Transit-Oriented Development Master Plan
The Tri-Rail Coastal Link Transit-Oriented Development Master Plan will be presented at the City Commission meeting of October 16, 2018. 

Land Development Regulations now available on Municode:
 The City's Land Development Regulations are now available on Municode; updates will take place on a biannual basis each March and October. The current version is up to date through October 2017. LDR Amendments processed between updates will be made available on the Land Development Regulations page subsequent to approval on Second Reading. (Updated January 24, 2018)

Community Residences:
On July 19, 2017, the City Commission adopted Ordinance No. 25-17 amending the Land Development Regulations in Article 2.4 regarding “Requests for Accommodation” (aka Reasonable Accommodation) and Article 4.3 regarding Community Residential Homes and Group Homes. The Community Residence Zoning Application is now available. Please contact the City’s Planning and Zoning Division with any questions regarding Community Residences and the application and review process. (Updated August 9, 2017)

New Procedure for Application Submittals: Beginning August 1, 2017, the Planning, Zoning, and Building Department will only accept development application submittals by appointment. At the application submission meeting, City Staff will review the application(s) submittal (Application Submission Checklist) and associated plans to ensure a complete application submission. Staff will advise the applicant if the submission does not meet the requirements. This submittal procedure does not apply to Class I Site Plan Modification; Class II Site Plan Modification; Color Changes; or Building Permits. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. If the submission is determined to be incomplete, another application submission meeting will need to be scheduled. To schedule an application submission meeting or for any questions regarding this process, please call (561) 243-7040, extension 6055. (Updated July 26, 2017)

Advisory Board Review of Development Applications: 
In an effort to streamline the development review process, the process to review requests which involve review by City Board and/or Citizen Groups has been revised. A Memo outlining this new procedure was provided to these Boards and Groups on May 19, 2017. (Updated May 22, 2017)

The New Comprehensive Plan:
The City is in the process of updating the current Comprehensive Plan and strongly encourages the public to take part in this important process. The update includes Community Workshops on varying topics of interest. Be sure to visit alwaysdelray.com, the website dedicated to this effort. (Updated May 22, 2017)

Application Submittal Process: 
All submittals of Class III, IV, or V Site Plans, FLUM Amendments, Rezonings, Annexations, Major Plats, Variances, and LDR Text Amendments require an appointment with a Planner. All applications requiring review by the Historic Preservation Board also require an application submittal appointment. The appointment is required to ensure that all required materials, exhibits, and information is included and provided.

All application packages, including those not specifically listed above, will only be accepted for processing when deemed complete at the time of submittal. If the submittal is deemed incomplete, the application will not be accepted until all components, including any fees, are provided together in one submittal. All applications identify the required information in addition to the Standard Application Items listed in LDR Section 2.4.3(A)(Updated April 26, 2017)

Board & City Commission Presentations:
The City of Delray Beach’s City Commission and Board Procedures have changed. All applicants are now expected to present their items in full to the Board or City Commission prior to Staff's presentation. City Staff will introduce the item and enter the file into the record; the applicant will then be given time to present their item. Following the applicant’s presentation, City Staff will provide a brief overview of code compliance and recommended actions, in addition to relevant information not provided by the applicant.

All applicant presentations must be submitted to the Project Planner a minimum of 3 full business days prior to the day of the City Commission or Board meeting. For example, SPRAB and HPB meetings occur on Wednesdays. The applicant’s presentation must be submitted by 5pm on the Thursday prior to the meeting. Please note the City Commission or Board may continue items if the applicants are not at meeting to present their item. (Updated April 11, 2017)

Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan:
The City of Delray Beach is required to evaluate its Comprehensive Plan every 7 years to determine if plan amendments are necessary to reflect changes in state requirements since the last update of the City’s comprehensive plan. The City is currently processing those amendments [Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR)] to meet the requirements of the Statutes while concurrently updating its Comprehensive Plan. In compliance with State Law, the City is “suspended” from adopting any amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and/or Future Land Use Map (FLUM) until the required EAR amendments have been adopted. It is anticipated that these amendments will be adopted in June 2017. (Updated April 11, 2017)

Department Online Updates:
 As of October 1, 2015, the Planning and Zoning Department combined with the Building Division (formerly of the Community Improvement Department) to create the Planning, Zoning, and Building Department. Staff is working to provide all the necessary information and tools online to better assist the public. Continue to check back for more updates as we will follow-up with additional information and resources. (Updated July 13, 2016)

CBD Guidelines & Associated LDR Amendments: The adopted Delray Beach Central Business District Architectural Guidelines are now available, along with a complete copy of the new CBD Regulations, LDR Section 4.4.13 on the Central Business District link to the left.  (Updated November 25, 2015)

LDR Amendments and Updates: Staff is in the process of updating the LDRs for amendments adopted by the City Commission since October 1, 2014. All adopted Ordinances have been listed on the Land Development Regulations page. (Updated November 25, 2015)

Fees: At its meeting of October 6, 2015, the City Commission adopted Ordinance 20-15 which provided for a new Land Development Regulation Application Fee Schedule. These fees are now applicable to all development applications submitted. (Updated October 7, 2015)
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