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In 1993, the City of Delray Beach adopted minimum landscape and tree protection standards (LDR Sections 4.6.16 and 4.6.19) for all existing properties, with the exception of single family homes. Over 1,200 properties were cited to come into compliance with minimum requirements to screen parking lots, air conditioning units, dumpsters and refuse storage areas, and to remove excess pavement from adjacent rights-of-way in an effort to improve street drainage and improve the appearance of properties.  This program has been deemed a great success and has contributed to the aesthetic enhancement of our City.
If you have received a citation to bring your property into compliance, the following excerpts pertaining to the minimum landscape requirements are intended to assist you in understanding the process which must be followed. 

If you are not clear what deficiencies need to be corrected, please call (561) 243-7227 to set up a meeting with the Landscape Site Inspector. Landscape plans, along with a Plan Review Application for Minimum Landscape Requirements for single-family residences must be submitted.  This application must be accompanied by 3 copies of the landscape plans, and be submitted to the Landscape Site Inspector in the Building Division.

For single-family residences, all new trees must be a minimum of 12 feet in height with a 6 foot spread of canopy at installation; all hedging for screening purposes (air conditioning, refuse areas, and mechanical equipment) must be a minimum of 24 inches in height; 50% percent of all trees must be native; and, 25% of all shrubs and ground covers shall be native plant materials. For further suggestions, please refer to the Recommended Native Plant Materials.

For more information regarding landscape requirements, please contact the Senior Landscape Planner at (561) 243-7226 or wilsherw@mydelraybeach.com.

For landscape citation information, please contact the Landscape Site Inspector at (561) 243-7227 or gloverd@mydelraybeach.com.
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