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Within the City of Delray Beach’s 15.89 square mile radius, the Delray Beach Police Department’s Community Patrol Division is responsible for providing the public with the highest level of professional police service. To deliver such service, the square mile radius is divided into three Sectors: East, Central, and West. Each Sector personnel’s responsibility is to respond to calls for service, is the first responder to critical incidents, and enforces criminal statutes and municipal ordinances. As the backbone of the agency, the division’s personnel also employ both traditional and non-traditional policing methods and regularly collaborate with agency divisions to address various police matters. The division also focuses on eliminating crime problems, on improving quality of life issues and is committed to providing the city’s citizens, businesses, and visitors with continued comprehensive police services through community policing partnerships and problem solving initiatives.

Sector Assignments

  • The East Sector patrols Beats 1, 2, and 3

  • The Central Sector patrols Beats 4, 5, and 6

  • The West Sector patrols Beats 7, 8, and 9

Problem Oriented Policing Impact Team
The Problem Oriented Policing Impact Team (POP) is comprised of one police sergeant and four police officers that report to a Community Patrol Division Sector lieutenant. There are three POP teams and each team is assigned to the Community Patrol Division’s East, Central, and West Sectors and is deployed throughout the city. The teams essential functions includes investigating auto burglaries and thefts, conducting follow up of police cases, dealing with Street Level Narcotics issues, providing Community Policing/Problem Oriented Policing, conducting Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) surveys, initiating neighborhood projects, and impacting neighborhood and crime matters.

Canine Unit
The Canine Unit currently consist of three-trained Canine police officer and three trained Canine police officer dogs that maximize the fundamentals of obedience, and proficiency, both restrained and unrestrained. The Canine police officers and their Canine partners are assigned to the agency’s Community Patrol Division and are responsible for providing assistance with searches for suspects hiding in structures, vehicle checks, the search for victims and/or missing persons, crowd controls, tracking, recovering weapons used in criminal activities, uncovering illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, and Caine demonstrations. The Canine Unit is also assigned to safeguarding the citizens, businesses, and visitors of the city from potential harm and danger.

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