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Atlantic High School Criminal Justice Academy

The Atlantic High School Criminal Justice Program (CJA) was established in 2002 through a collaborative effort amongst the Delray Beach Police Department, Atlantic Community High School, and the School District of Palm Beach County. The purpose of the academy is to develop 9th thru 12th grade students into potential law enforcement, correctional and court system employees, to alter perceptions of policing, life ambitions, and to motivate students enrolled in the program. The program is also designed to provide students the opportunity to learn interpersonal and communication, proficiency, and employability skills through classroom instruction and activities.

In the program, students have the opportunity to achieve academic credits and the opportunity to receive Community Service Officer and Dispatcher certifications. The curriculums are taught Monday thru Friday by a fulltime Delray Beach Police Department law enforcement officer and an Atlantic Community High School Resource Officer. Currently, the program is the model, for other programs of this nature across the country. In 2008, the program received national acclaim and national accreditation.

To be considered for the Criminal Justice Academy Program contact:

Atlantic Community High School, 2455 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33445

Phone No. 561-243-1500
Fax No. 561-243-1532
Website: http://www.atlanticcommunityhighschool.com/
Email:     atlantichs@palmbeachschools.org
CJA website: http://www.atlanticcommunityhighschool.com/criminal-justice.html

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