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What is a GIS?
GIS stands for Geographic Information System and is a mapping technology that allows the user to create and interact with a variety of maps and data sources. GIS technology works by linking information stored in databases to a place or location (maps).  Users can query the data and present the answers in maps.  In other words, GIS allows the user to create visual displays of tabular information.  GIS can be widely used to support decision-making and problem solving across all sectors public and private.  The management, manipulation, analysis, modeling and display of spatially-referenced data can be used to depict crime patterns, manage use of land, water distribution networks, sanitary sewer networks, transportation routes, and more.

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All maps and data are provided for your personal use “As Is”.  The information contained within these web pages is subject to constant change and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The availability of the content may be subject to periodic interruption due to maintenance or technical difficulties.  While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, correctness, and completeness, the City of Delray Beach assumes no liability for errors or omissions, even if the City of Delray Beach is advised of such problems. These maps and data may be used for general reference only. Specific questions should be referred to the appropriate City of Delray Beach Department.

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Robert Mickla, GISP
GIS Administrator 
Phone: (561) 243-7337
Fax: (561) 243-7060
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