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Water Sewer Collection
Wastewater Collection is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the underground gravity collection system and the force main piping systems that receive and transmit wastewater discharged from homes and businesses to the Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Industrial Pretreatment Program monitors all discharges from commercial and industrial users into the public sanitary sewer system. The utility locating crew provides support for utility locations reducing the potential for service interruptions resulting from construction activities. The division also provides for the operation and maintenance of the reclaimed water system. Assistance is provided to other departments requiring water and/or sewer related needs.

Lift Station Maintenance

These stations collect and pump wastewater through the collection system to the South Central Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (SCRWTP) for ultimate treatment and disposal.

Victor Majtenyi

Utilities Deputy Director
PHONE: (561) 243-7328
FAX: (561) 243-7060

(561) 243-7318  (MUST LEAVE A MESSAGE)

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