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RegisterParkMobile logo
You can register your free ParkMobile account in a few ways:

Where to use ParkMobile

The ParkMobile app can be used on all on-street, beach parking lots and parking garages throughout the City. A $0.35 cent fee will be applied to all Parkmobile transactions. You can opt-in to receive a notification 15 minutes before your parking session is set to expire.

Here is a list of parking locations in the Downtown area.  

How to pay with ParkMobile

1. Look for ParkMobile signs/sitcks with the zone number and phone number
2. Once registered, open the app to engage your account.
3. Provide space, add time and go!
4. Already have a ParkMobile account? If you park in a parking garage, you will receive a prompt from ParkMobile when you enter the garage. The app will invite you to pay for parking, saving you a trip to the meter!

First 20 minutes of parking is free
Morning errand or appointment? Just grabbing a coffee? Your first 20 minutes of parking is on us! You can park any time up to 20 minutes using the ParkMobile. You will still need to pay the $0.35 cent transaction fee.

Video Tutorials

Watch the ParkMobile Tutorial Video

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