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Beach Project Updates
July 2018

The City has a number of projects under construction on our Beach and the barrier island at this time. During the month of May, residents will notice work activity at Atlantic Dunes Pavilion, new lifeguard towers arriving at their future homes on the beach, corrections to problems with the concrete sidewalks at the Beach, and the marking of turtle nests on our beaches.

Atlantic Dunes Pavilion: Following a several week delay due to issues with driving piles for the base of the new pavilion, contractors were back on site at Atlantic Dunes Park on Monday, April 23. The pavilion and boardwalk, which was destroyed by arson in June 2016, will be replaced exactly as it was with the exception that it will be stronger and able to handle higher winds associated with major storm events. The replacement of the pavilion and boardwalk is expected to be complete by Fall 2018.

Lifeguard Tower Replacement: The City is replacing all eight of the current lifeguard towers with new towers that will provide greater public safety for beachgoers. The new lifeguard towers are designed on skids so that they can be maintained at a proper distance from the water for Public Safety due to changes in beach width caused by either Beach Renourishment projects, which make the beach wider, and by major storms, which sometimes take sand away from the beach making it narrower. Additionally, the new towers will be outfitted with impact glass and louvered aluminum shutters to lower over the windows to protect them from flying debris or vandalism. It is important for the window panes in the lifeguard towers to be in pristine condition to provide a clear line of sight for the lifeguards to view swimmers and ensure the safety of all. The new S2 and S4 lifeguard towers were moved to their permanent homes by July 2018. The towers are being built in an offsite warehouse in sections and then brought to the beach entrance on Casuarina Road where they are then assembled into a single unit. Once at the permanent site, the towers will be painted, stairs will be attached, and new roofing to match the main pavilion and gazebos will be put in place.

Reclaimed 12C Construction: The final leg of construction for Reclaimed Water lines on the barrier island is currently underway. New water, sewer, stormwater and reclaimed water lines are being constructed in the area from Lewis Cove south to Del Haven Boulevard. Stormwater improvements in the area also include upgraded swales that will deliver stormwater to additional and larger sized stormwater inlets. This project is receiving a grant from the South Florida Water Management District to offset the cost of installation of the reclaimed water pipe.

Reclaimed water, also known as recycled water, is former wastewater that has been treated to remove solids and impurities. It is used in sustainable landscaping irrigation, to recharge groundwater aquifers, to meet commercial and industrial water needs, and in some places for drinking. In the past, the treated wastewater in our area was released to tide through an ocean outfall pipe. This activity is no longer considered the best practice and a plan to provide for redistribution of the treated wastewater by the year 2025 is currently in place. The majority of this reclaimed or recycled water will be used to irrigate public places such as parks and golf courses. Future reclaimed water lines are being designed in the Southwest Neighborhood during roadway reconstruction projects on SW 3rd Court, SW 4th Street, SW 6th Street and SW 7th Avenue. As the City prepares to begin design of a full neighborhood redesign for the Northwest Neighborhood, reclaimed water lines will be a part of that design as well.

Beach Master Plan:
Starting next week, repairs to the existing sidewalks will begin on the Municipal Beach Promenade at Casuarina Road. Initially, the contractor, MBR Construction, will be pressure washing and mark the specific areas of sidewalk that will be replaced. Following this, several sections of concrete will be removed and replaced. During this construction activity, no parking in areas adjacent to the construction will be allowed. The progressive work zone will include traffic detours around each work site as the construction activities move from the south to the north. Additionally, 21 new backless benches will be placed along the promenade near beach entrances between Casuarina and the knee wall, as well as additional benches in front of the Main Pavilion. Memorial bricks will be installed at the base of the flagpole during this time as well. This work is expected to be completed by the end of July 2018.

The next phase of the Beach Master Plan construction will involve improvements at pedestrian crosswalks including at Atlantic Avenue and A1A, as well as pedestrian lighting along the Municipal Beach Promenade and new barriers between the promenade and the dunes.

As construction continues on the Promenade, certain on-street parking spaces along the beach will remain unavailable to accommodate the construction. However, we will continue to make every effort to make parking alternatives accessible whenever possible. Parking in all public parking lots along the beach, including the Sandoway Parking Lot, will continue to be available.

Bicycle lanes:
Bicyclists will be able to use the bicycle lane, but we urge extra caution in this area. The bicycle lane on South Ocean Boulevard will be narrowed to protect the general public from the construction activities.

Worksite Safety:
The contractor has secured the Beach Promenade area on the north end of the Beach to create two safe zones - one for protected sidewalk and beach access for the public and one for protection of the construction site. Directional and informational signage is present. Utility structures, irrigation, electrical and existing trees are protected from construction activities.

Public notifications concerning sidewalk closures are posted. The contractor is working with the public on providing safe entry to the beach through designated areas within the construction zone.

Contact information:
For questions concerning parking during construction, please contact Jorge Alarcon at (561) 243-7315.

For general questions concerning the construction, please contact Isaac Kovner at (561) 243-7341 for Atlantic Dunes Pavilion and the Beach Promenade. For the Reclaimed 12C project, please phone Cynthia Fuentes at (561) 243-7196.

Stay informed with up-to-date information by visiting our website (www.mydelraybeach.com) and information boards.

The City apologizes for any inconvenience the construction may impose. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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