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Call to Artist:  Posted 5/10/2018

Call to Artists: Heritage Here
I-95 Sound Wall Community Mural
1-95 Community Mural: Heritage Here - Phase I The Community Grove (Carver Park)
The Community Grove at Catherine Strong Park at the Intersection of SW 6th Street and SW 17TH Ave.
As part of its mission to promote, support and expand the City public art program in order to engage, edify and inspire our diverse community, The Delray Beach Public Art Advisory Boards seeks an Artist who shall work with the local community and stakeholders to create a dynamic mural rooted in the values and rich history of the neighborhood surrounding the Community Grove at Catherine Strong Park.
The Artist shall investigate the history and people of The Set, (https://thesetdelray.org/), to create a piece that will be rooted in and embraced by the community.
The Artist shall work with the PAAB to organize and conduct two initial workshops, which will be held within a one or two-week timespan. The purpose of the workshops shall be to allow members of the neighborhood, community organizations, local stakeholders and the community at large, to provide input and direction regarding the development of the heritage theme and the vision for the mural. The City of Delray Beach will oversee locating the stakeholders and sending the invitations to the public for attendance to these workshops.
After gathering all the community ideas, the Artist will return and present a concept for the mural to the same group of stakeholders. At that session, this group representing the community may provide comments and input regarding the proposed design.
A final meeting between PAAB, the Artist and the established group of stakeholders will be held to present a final revised concept that incorporates all the research and input received throughout the process. Upon approval of this design, the Artist will move forward with execution. Prior to implementation, a rendering of the mural must be submitted to the Florida Department of Transportation for approval before the permit can be issued. The mural will also require WARC (West Atlantic Redevelopment Coalition) recommendation and approval from PAAB, Site Plan Review and Approval Board and City Commission. This process of approvals will be led by City of Delray Beach staff.
The Artist will design the mural and its installation to allow for community participation during its execution. There are a number of local community organizations such as the EJS Project, WARC, The Spady Museum, Carver Reunion NW /SW, Community Greening, etc. that could be engaged as part of this effort.
In developing its Art Plan, PAAB established the goal of pursuing a program that will build community, create a sense of place and enhance and improve public infrastructure. This project, which is envisioned as the first phase in an ongoing series of murals along the sound walls of 1-95 in Delray Beach, is an
important step in meeting that goal. As the project evolves, other locations will be selected and developed as individual murals by different Artists.
The sound walls erected along the northbound lanes of I-95 border neighborhoods that have not historically felt connected to the life of the City, those located to the north and sound of West Atlantic Avenue. This project is intended to create a landmark Public Art Mural that involves this community, reflects the values of this community and celebrates the heritage of this community. The project is also expected to enhance the infrastructure (the sounds walls) that is part of this community through the use of public art. By celebrating The Set and its history, this project will celebrate the diversity that contributes to Delray Beach’s vibrant personality while beautifying the sound wall.
Up to $25,000.00 including installation. Artists applying as teams must split the allotted $25,000.00. A maximum of $500.00 for travel expenses shall be allocated for out-of-town applicants during the workshop process.
Qualifications will be submitted to Suzanne Fisher, Director of Delray Beach Parks & Recreation by May 25, 2018 at 5:00 PM.
Up ten finalists will be selected by the PAAB board at the June 2018 regular meeting. A Selection Committee comprising members of the PAAB, stakeholders and community leaders will then make a final selection.
After the selection and contract approval, the Artist shall start the research and workshop process.
Only complete project applications will be considered. A complete application will include:
  • Artist’s resume (including current contact information). If a team is being submitted, all artists must provide an individual resume as part of the application package. Resume must include proven experience in community-based projects and leadership in community workshops.
  • Letter of Intent including the medium which will be used.
  • Maximum of 10 digital images of the artist’s work (If a team is being submitted, a minimum of 2 images for each artist in the team must be submitted. Max of 10 digital images for a team still applies).
The PAAB will review completed submissions responding to this RFQ based on:
  • Artistic merit
  • Proven proficiency in proposed medium
  • Proven experience in community-based projects and workshop management
  • Artist’s experience and qualifications
  • The Artist should be familiar with public art projects and have the ability to work in a collaborative way with the art board, local stakeholders and community leaders
  • Project is to be completed within six (6) months.
  • Project shall include one design.
  • Each selected design will be approved by the Public Art Advisory Board and representatives of local and neighborhood community organizations (to be determined).
  • Project shall include the two-walls-as-one described in the attached exhibits.
  • Artist should provide Insurance Certificate naming City of Delray Beach as additional insured is required.
  • Artist to provide all supplies and/or equipment needed to prep and seal design to produce and install selected design, except lift which will be procured by the City of Delray Beach.
  • Any medium is acceptable as long as it is appropriate and has anticipated life-span of at least 10 years.
  • Art maintenance and safety plan must be included by the Artist in final submission of selected design.
  • The approval of the final design is contingent upon City Commission and FDOT permit approval.
  • Prior to implementation, the mural will require WARC recommendation and approval from PAAB, SPRAB and City Commission. The proposed design, once known, will need to be reviewed and approved by DOT prior to painting/installation.
  • Artist must adhere to FDOT Design Manual Chapter 1`27 related to affixed art (attached).
  1. Artist. The term “Artist,” :as used in this Call to Artists/Request for Qualifications shall apply individually and jointly to each applicant artist, whether individually or as a team member. “Artist” means a professional in the visual arts, generally recognized by critics and peers as a professional of serious intent and ability. Indications of a person’s status as a professional artist include, but are not limited to, income realized through the sole commission of artwork, frequent or consistent art exhibitions, placement of artwork in public institutions or museums, receipts of honors and awards, and training in the arts.
  2. Right to Photograph. Artist specifically grants to the City the right to photograph or otherwise reproduce faithful images of the artwork for cultural and tourism purposes.
For more information, please contact:
Suzanne Fisher
Delray Beach Parks & Recreation


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