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Call to Artists project descriptions are issued periodically by the City of Delray Beach that has building projects. Links to those project descriptions will be posted in the list of Current Calls (below). Note: City submission requirements may vary. Be sure to read each project description carefully.
Artists on the City’s mailing list who have checked “Public Art Advisory Board/Artist Registry” will be notified of these projects via email. Join the mailing list. It will be the artist's responsibility to maintain their correct email address on the mailing list.
  • Calls to Artists include a complete description and requirements for that project.
  • Artists decide if their work "fits" a project's description and then submit an entry to that project.
  • Artists may enter multiple projects but, because each project has its own art selection committee, they must send a separate entry for each project.
  • Galleries and artist's representatives are encouraged to submit materials for their artists.
Please make sure you are on the Public Advisory Art Board email list to receive more information or updates.
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Call to Artist:

PROJECT LOCATION(S): This call is for two (2) temporary installations at the perimeter of specific special events throughout the year, in downtown Delray Beach. Locations typically are the intersection of Swinton Ave. and Atlantic Ave., the intersection of Atlantic Ave. and SE 6th Ave., the intersection of Casuarina Rd. and A1A, and the intersection of Atlantic Ave. and A1A. Other location may be used depending on event footprint.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This project includes the provision of 2 decorated dump truck covers (cover must include 2 sides, top, and rear of truck). Truck bed sizes are: Truck #1 – 8’W x 17’L x 5’H and Truck #2 – 8’W x 12’L x 4’H. Cover must be vinyl, canvas, or other comparable material and able to withstand extreme weather conditions (sun, rain, high temperatures). Covers may be decorated in any material that can withstand extreme weather conditions noted above (i.e. sealed paint, vinyl, screen printed, etc.). Please note that this call included the provision of the covers and the art that will be incorporated on them.

Art proposed must address one, or more, of the following categories:
~ Hometown Charm
~ Delray Diversity
~ Community Unity
~ Delray History
~ Creativity in business and the arts

The goal of this project is to enhance and improve public infrastructure by transforming a utilitarian dump truck into a work of art that reflects the criteria identified in the City of Delray Beach Public Art Advisory Board 2017 Strategic Plan.

These criteria include:
~ Reflects community diversity
~ Neighborhood and facility beautification
~ Fosters community unity by celebrating history and cultural heritage
~ Community driven projects that involve collaboration with other community organizations or individuals



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