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How can I find an attorney in the area?

I cannot afford an attorney. Is there an agency that can assist me?

How can I get advice and information about unfair, fraudulent or deceptive practices of businesses?

How can I find out if a business is a legitimate corporation?

How do I register a complaint against a business?

How can I contact the Courthouse?

How can I find out information on a Florida House or Senate bill?

How can I access the Florida Statutes?

I have a Delray Beach address, but I live outside the city limits. Who do I call for assistance in resolving a problem or if I have a question about services?

Who do I contact if I want to file a criminal charge against someone, if I am a witness to a criminal action or if I have questions on a certain criminal case?

Who do I contact if I can't afford a criminal defense attorney?

How can I contact Departments within the State of Florida?

How can I contact the Florida Commission on Ethics?

How do I start a corporation?

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