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Town Hall Gathering - February 3, 2016
"Rising Seas: Planning for the new era" (video)
"Rising Seas: Planning for the New Era" (power point)
"Rising Seas: sea levels (US)" (pdf)

Town Hall Gatherings - February 25, 2015
“A Quiet Revolution to Transform Delray Beach”(video)

Town Hall Gatherings - April 7, 2015
“The Wealth of Cities: Creating Vibrant and Economically Healthy Cities” (video)

Town Hall Gatherings - April 30, 2015
“What Makes Cities Lovable”

Town Hall Gatherings - May 21, 2015
“Livable Cities for a Better World” (video)

Town Hall Gatherings - June 4, 2015
“Place as the New Driver of Competitive Advantage” (video)

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