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City Manager's Office
City Manager

Mark R. Lauzier
Phone: (561) 243-7015

Assistant City Manager
Caryn Gardner-Young, ICMA-CM, AICP
Email: Gyoung@mydelraybeach.com
Phone: (561) 243-7099

Assistant City Manager
India Adams
Email: Adamsin@mydelraybeach.com
Phone: (561) 243-7152

Acting Assistant City Manager
Jeffrey Goldman
Email: GoldmanJ@mydelraybeach.com
Phone: (561) 243-7872 

Executive Leadership Team

City Attorney's Office
Phone: (561) 243-7090

City Clerk's Office
Katerri Johnson, City Clerk
Phone: (561) 243-7051

Community Improvement
Michael Coleman, Director
Phone: (561) 243-7203

 Kimberly Ferrell, Director
(561) 243-7121

Neal de Jesus, Fire Chief
Phone: (561) 243-7415

Human Resources
Sharon Liebowitz, Director
Phone: (561) 243-7083
Information Technology
Mickey Baker, Director
Phone: (561) 243-7149

Office of Economic Development
Joan Goodrich, Director
Phone: (561) 243-7054

Parks and Recreation
Suzanne Fisher, Director
Phone: (561) 243-7250

Planning, Zoning and Building
Tim Stillings, Director
Phone: (561) 243-7041

Maria Olsen, Acting Police Chief
Phone: (561) 243-7859

Program & Project Management
Missie Barletto, Deputy Director
Email: Barlettom@mydelraybeach.com
(561) -243-7000

Public Works
Susan Goebel-Canning, Director
Email: Gcanning@mydelraybeach.com
(561) 243-7334

Jennifer Alvarez, Director
Email: Alvarezj@mydelraybeach.com
(561) 243-7129

Marjorie G. Craig, PE, Director
Email: Craigm@mydelraybeach.com
Phone: (561) 243-7303

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