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A Sustainable City
South Florida's attraction as a destination to live, work and play is intrinsically connected to its coastlines, the sun and surf, the high quality lifestyle of its growing cities and suburbs, and the beauty of its diverse natural habitat. Balancing modern society's demands for resources, such as energy, water and land, with the protection of the natural environment; and doing this in an equitable manner that allows for future generations to enjoy a similar standard of living, is the goal of sustainable development. Sustainability is a multi-disciplinary endeavor. It seeks to reduce society's carbon footprint and the degradation of natural resources though conservation, efficiency, and judicious use and reuse of these assets. It promotes adoption of renewable energy, shifts in consumer preferences and awareness of personal and collective responsibilities to issues of social justice. Sustainability includes mitigating and adapting to the numerous challenges posed by climate change, and creating resiliency that will allow future generations to thrive and prosper. 

King Tide event flyer
Each year, around the autumnal King Tides, the Sustainability Office presents a special climate change educational event for Delray Beach residents.  The 2017 program will be held aboard Delray Yacht Cruises’ Lady Atlantic and focus on seawall hardening and green living shorelines infrastructure. The two-hour cruise event on October 11th will feature presentations from five speakers.

  • Dr. Nancy Gassman – Assistant Director Public Works, City of  Ft. Lauderdale
  • Dr. Diana Mitsova-Boneva –  Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University & Laura Geselbracht – Senior Marine Scientist – The Nature Conservancy
  • Eric Anderson – Senior Environmental Analyst, Palm Beach County Environmental Resource Management
  • Jeffrey Needle, PE –Stormwater Engineer, City of  Delray Beach’s
The event is free, but space is limited, so reserve your tickets on the Eventbrite site.

The City of Delray Beach is proud to embrace a holistic and comprehensive approach to sustainable development, and encourages residents and visitors to participate in these efforts. To learn more about the city's commitment to these initiatives and the implementation strategy, please read the key documents below.


Tip of the Month - September 
hurricaneSeptember marks the peak of hurricane season. As sustainability in intwined with resiliency, we remind Delray Beach residents to plan in advance, 'sunny-day planning' for tropical storms and hurricanes. Planning involves more than buying bottled water and batteries.  Please sign up for the city's CODE RED, click here alert system that will notify you by phone or email or emergency conditions. Develop a plan for notifying family and friends of your emergency plans. Prepare an evacuation kit including insurance policies, identification documents, medications, etc., as well as a shelter-in-place list to fulfill when you anticipate staying home for five to seven days

Projects On the Sustainability Desk.....
  • PACE program -Delray Beach Welcomes NRG Alliance/Florida PACE Funding Agency and Renovate America's HERO PACE program.  They join Renew Financial and  Ygrene LLC in offering PACE financing to Delray Beach residents.
  • SolSmart Advisor - assistance on advancing solar in Delray Beach.
  • Turtle Lighting Enforcement - Nests will be hatching, need to keep the beach area dark.
  • Comprehensive Plan's new sustainability and resiliency chapter
  • October King Tide Educational Event - 2017 Topic, Seawalls and Living Shorelines
Green Implementation Advancement Board (GIAB)- The City of Delray Beach Green Implementation Advancement Board meets at 9:00am on third Thursday of each month.  Meeting are held in the Board Room at the City of Delray Beach Environmental Services Department located at 434 South Swinton Avenue. The meeting is open to the public. More information on GIAB can be found under the GIAB tab.

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