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(LAST UPDATED 10/13/2017 AT 8:00 AM)

Debris Removal

The City continues its storm debris collection activities city-wide and asks residents to continue to be patient. Contractors are working seven days a week from sun up to sun down to remove all hurricane debris as quickly as possible. As of October 11, we are pleased to report the City has removed over 95,802 cubic yards of storm debris. Each day this number continues to climb.

The City is currently conducting the first of three passes of vegetative storm debris collection. The first pass, which includes the removal of debris from all public facilities and rights of way, is expected to be completed by the end of October. The City asks you to continue to keep debris properly separated. Click here for more information on debris removal guidelines.

Please note the estimates are fluid and may be impacted by weather, equipment, manpower, resources and other factors. The City thanks all residents for their patience and cooperation as we continue to remove all vegetative storm debris from our roadways and neighborhoods.

Storm Debris Separation Guidelines

An issue that our contractors are continuing to encounter is that storm debris is becoming co-mingled with household and/or bulk garbage. Please be certain to remember that black bags containing storm debris cannot be picked up along with the other vegetation. Placing bagged vegetation in with the storm debris slows the process because the bags cannot be picked up by the City’s contractors and they will not be accepted at the debris collection site. Also please be careful not to block fire hydrants or utility boxes with debris.


1. Separate tree limbs and vegetation from demolition/construction debris. These materials are delivered to different disposal sites and mixed loads will not be accepted. Co-mingled materials slow down the collection process and makes disposal more expensive for the City.

2. When possible, please make sure that any bagged materials are in clear or light-colored bags so the debris is easy to identify. Again, the contractor and disposal facility need to verify that materials are not co-mingled.

3. All storm debris that is stacked on the swale will be picked up by the City's contractor.

4. PLEASE do your best to keep debris in the swale and NOT in the roadway. Besides creating a safety hazard, these very large trucks may not be able to get to your house if there is too much debris in the road. More importantly, it may restrict emergency vehicle access to your community.

5. It is very important that you do not pile your debris in a manner that obstructs access to or the visibility of fire hydrants.

For more hurricane recovery information, please visit the home page of the City website at www.mydelraybeach.com. Thank you for your patience and cooperation, and please share these tips with your friends and neighbors so we can get through this clean-up process as quickly as possible. We've got a lot of work to do, and we will accomplish it with your cooperation.

Thank you.

Bulk Pick-up
Regular bulk pick-up has resumed to its regular schedule in the City of Delray Beach. Bulk items should be separated and not co-mingled with regular garbage and storm-generated debris. 

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