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Beach Promenade photo
The City of Delray Beach invites you to the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the 
'Beach Master Plan'

Wednesday, March 29th at 10 am
Delray Beach Pavilion on Ocean Blvd.

The City of Delray Beach set to renovate pedestrian beach promenade
Memorial plaques and benches along the promenade will be given a new home as part of ‘Beach Master Plan’

The City of Delray Beach is gearing up to break ground on March 29 to launch the anticipated facelift of the beach promenade along Ocean Boulevard.  The $3 million project will feature all-new sidewalks, showers, fountains, solar-panel parking meters, and updated gazebos.

Over the years, the City has given families the opportunity to purchase and install plaques and memorial benches to commemorate their loved one or celebrate a momentous occasion. As part of the City’s ‘Beach Master Plan’ the memorial benches will be removed, the plaques re-designed and given a new home in a designated area of the promenade.

“We understand the sensitive nature of relocating a loved one’s memorial,” says Isaac Kovner, City of Delray Beach principal engineer.  “We encourage those who may know a family that owns a plaque or bench to help us contact them so that they are aware of the renovation. It is the City’s intention to continue to honor their legacy and we would like to make this transition as smooth as possible.”

Families can also request to pick up their plaques and benches from the City’s Environmental Services department or arrange to have these items dropped off to their home.

For more information on the memorial plaques and benches please contact Isaac Kovner at (561) 243-7000 ext. 4119.

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