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The City of Delray Beach encourages all residents and business to recycle.  Too often folks are unclear about what can be put in each type of recycling bin.  We strive to educate everyone about recycling, make it easier, and increase the tonnage of recycling that is recuperated from both households and businesses.

The picture below illustrates what types of items can be recycled. 

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Some items can not be recycled curbside. Please review the graphic below for items that must be taken to specific locations for disposal. In Delray Beach, they can be taken to the Home Chemical and Recycling Centers at 1901 SW 4th Avenue (East) or 13400 South State 7th Road  (West).  More information can be obtained from SWA at Home Chemical Disposal Link.

SWA recycling graphic

If you have trouble with garbage or recycling collection, you can reach out to the Community Improvement Department at 561-243-7219.  
If you need to order blue and yellow recycling bins, reach out to the Solid Waste Authority at:
Recycling Bins

To learn more about Recycling from the Solid Waste Authority check out the
SWW Recycling web page. To get information of on recycling in all Palm Beach County communities see the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County’s Recyclopedia at http://www.swa.org/DocumentCenter/View/1041.

Below you see the information provided by the Solid Waste Authority for the City of Delray Beach.

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