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Shop, dine and enjoy the ease of paying for parking in Delray Beach
The City announces new parking enforcement, mobile payment, and pay-by-plate parking meters

The City of Delray Beach is pleased to announce the launch of a new pay-by-phone program enabling drivers to use their smartphones to make convenient mobile payments.

Payments for all on-street, surface lots and garages throughout the city can now be made using the Parkmobile application from smartphones.  By simply registering, users can pay for their parking spaces quickly and easily; they can also still pay with credit/debit cards and U.S. bills at all meters, if preferred. The Parkmobile application can be found in both the Android and Apple marketplace.

New Pay-by-Plate parking meters can be found on A1A and are operating from the Beach Pavilion at A1A and Atlantic, south to Casuarina Road. Pay-by-Plate, enables users to add time simply by using their license plate number. Advantages to our customers using this system, is that they do not have to walk back to the car to place a paper ticket on the dashboard. In addition, they can receive a text message, prompting them to add extra time to their meter if needed. Visitors will find the same smart meters in the City-owned parking garage and at street-level spots and parking lots on the barrier island. Meters will be installed and operational along the north portion of the beach on A1A in the very near future. Just one of many new features coming your way to make your visit to Delray Beach seamless.

The City has a new parking management company, Lanier Parking Solutions, Inc. This company will be managing all aspects of parking enforcement. Lanier utilizes License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology to enforce parking limits in those areas of the City where parking is restricted, such as on Atlantic Avenue. We’re asking drivers to please be sure to read parking signage carefully so that they know what the time limit is, as well as whether they have parked in a public parking area or in a private parking lot.

Should someone receive a parking citation, it is possible to pay for the ticket online now by visiting www.mydelraybeach.com, choose “I want to”, then “Pay online” and then “Parking citations.”  From there just follow the instructions. 

For any questions concerning parking issues within the City of Delray Beach, please call Lanier Parking Solutions at 561-265-2100.


For more information on parking, please contact:

Jorge Alarcon
Parking Facilities Manager
Phone: (561) 243-7000

To learn more about Parkmobile or to register, please visit http://us.parkmobile.com/.


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