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Community Improvement Mission Statement:

The Department of Community Improvement is committed to providing our customers with efficient and timely services in a supportive environment. We continue to explore ways to streamline our services utilizing available technology, efficient procedures and processes, self-directed teams and many other resources that allow us to maintain our competitive edge.

The department is made up of five (5) divisions:

Administration – Responsible for the management of all departmental activities and the coordination of special projects.  This division serves as liaison for designated Task Forces and/or committees that may be associated with specific projects assigned by the City Manager or City Commission. 

Clean & Safe – Clean and Safe Division is focused on developing the downtown area
to attract tourists, as well as citizens, to our downtown.  The Community Redevelopment Agency has funded several positions to ensure the area is safe, clean and businesses are in compliance, which has been a challenge because of limited staffing and no oversight of the program.  The area has expanded over the years and the service population has increased tremendously, in order to continue to maintain the seven (7) day-a-week and eighteen (18) hour demands. 

Code Enforcement - Designed to create a quality living environment through voluntary compliance to the city's housing, zoning and property maintenance codes.  The division encourages voluntary compliance using community-oriented problem-solving techniques and the issuance of violation notices, warnings, notices to appear and information brochures.  This division is also responsible for business tax receipts and landlord permits and serves as the staff liaison to the City's solid waste collection contractor. Staff provides technical assistance and clerical support to the Code Enforcement Board (CEB).  To reach Code Enforcement on the weekends, please call (561) 573-8963.

Neighborhood Services - Responsible for the administration, management and implementation of Federal, State and local grant-funded programs that benefit the low, very low and moderate-income households within the City.  Emphasis is directed at the preservation of existing housing units, increasing homeownership opportunities, improved infrastructure, residential exterior improvements and job creation through the funding of economic development activities.  Staff encourages the development of public/private partnerships, neighborhood organizations, and special events celebrating diversity and community.  To carry out these goals, staff partners with grass roots organizations and the Neighborhood Resource Center and serves approximately 150 homeowners associations.

Sanitation – Oversight of trash hauler’s performance, contracts, monthly reports, maintenance of required records, documenting and assessing costs for early set-outs of garbage and trash; abating non-reoccurring nuisances and graffiti; collection of garbage from vacant lots and bus shelter containers not serviced by the hauler; delivery and maintenance of City-issued garbage carts and directing services provided by the clam truck assigned to Community Improvement.

We invite you to contact us for any additional information, questions or other comments you may have.  The Director is available by telephone at 561-243-7203, Ext. 7001, fax at 561/243-7221 or via e-mail at CIDirector@MyDelrayBeach.com. We are located in the north wing of City Hall, 100 NW 1st Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida, 33444.    Please follow us on Facebook: City of Delray Beach Community Improvement Department.

100 NW 1st Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33444

(561) 243-7203 Ext. 7001

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