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What are your office hours?

What is the City Holiday schedule?

How do I report Code violations?

Can Code Enforcement handle situations such as trespassing, enforcing condominium or homowner association rules, parking illegally, or encroaching structures?

Who gets a City roll-out garbage cart and recycling bin and how do I get them?

What school will my child attend?

Can I pick up an application for the first-time homebuyers program at City Hall?

How do I get more information about the different housing programs the City offers for my area?

Will the housing rehabilitation program cost me anything?

Do I need a business tax receipt and how do I apply?

May I operate my business out of my home?

How do I transfer my Business Tax Receipt, if I change my location, business name or owner?

What is the Business Tax Receipt fee? Do I need a safety inspection?

How do I renew my Business Tax Receipt and what are the penalty charges of I renew late?

How do I dispose of batteries?

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