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Delray Beach Fire-Rescue is proud to serve our community in a number of ways.  Our number one priority is always life safety, which is the focus of our mission.  This goal is achieved by maintaining the highest level of service within our various operational divisions, including EMS, Emergency Management, and our Technical Rescue Team. 

In addition to these operational divisions, we also offer a number of other services to our citizens in an attempt to keep our community as safe as possible.  One of our greatest goals is attempt to educate the public as best we can to prevent emergencies before they happen.  This is accomplished through a variety of programs, including our Public Education Programs and our Fire Safety Division.

Acting in a support role our Administrative Staff is an integral cog in the proper functioning of our department.  The work performed by the Support Services/Administration is a crucial aspect of keeping our department running smoothly.

Click on the links below to find out more about each of our services:

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