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Sparky the Fire DogSparky50x

Games, coloring, and more family fun from the Great Sparky the Fire Dog
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Risk Watch - KIDS ONLY!RiskWatch50x
There are lots of things you and your friends can do to stay safe.
Check out these games and test your safety smarts. Read more

Crossing the Street SafelyCrossingStreets50x
Here are some simple rules to follow when crossing the street.
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Bicycle HelmetsBicycleHelmet50x
By wearing a helmet every time you ride your bike, you can reduce your risk of serious head injury. Read more

Water SafetyColby_50x50
If you like to "play it cool" at the pool, the beach, or at a lake, pond, or river, here are a few simple rules to remember. Read more

Fireworks are Risky BusinessFireworks50x
Fireworks are pretty to look at, but are very dangerous to touch!
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Home Escape PlanHomeEscapePlan50x_0
If a fire breaks out in your house, it is very important that everone knows what to do.
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Seven Tips for a Safe School Bus RideSchoolBus50x_0
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