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Delray Beach's Central Business District (CBD) Zone District is established in order to preserve and protect the cultural and historic aspects of downtown Delray Beach and simultaneously provide for the stimulation and enhancement of the vitality and economic growth of this special area.

In 2015, Ordinance 02-15 provided new regulations for the City's Downtown development which is made up of four sub-districts: Central Core, Beach, Raildroad Corridor, and West Atlantic Neighborhood. Additional revisions to the CBD regulations were adopted by Ordinance 27-15. Further Amendments to the CBD regulations were adopted on December 8, 2015 by Ordinance 28-15; this Ordinance included the adoption of the Delray Beach Central Business District Architectural Design Guidenlines.

Delray Beach CBD Architectural Design Guidelines: The Delray Beach Architectural Design Guidelines provide a framework for quality urban architecture in the downtown area of Delray Beach. They address building composition, scale, and articulation to establish a measure of architectural harmony that accommodates diverse styles and uses. The guidelines are also intended to facilitate the review process by making the architectural expectations of the community clear.

Seven architectural styles are identified as appropriate for downtown Delray Beach based on historical precedent, climate, and building scale: Florida Vernacular, Anglo-Caribbean, Mediterranean Revival, Classical Tradition, Art Deco, Masonry Modern, and Main Street Vernacular. These styles are purposefully broad in their categorizations to provide a wide range of detailing options. However, it is important to note that “eclectic” stylistic interpretations that mix styles or apply historic details to modern forms are discouraged.

Departures from these seven styles are not encouraged, but will be considered. If a different style is proposed, the following documentation is required for any project proposing an “undefined” style:
1. A description including images of a documented and substantiated Florida vernacular architecture representative of the design proposed;
2. A justification of the appropriateness of the style for downtown Delray Beach; and
3. An explanation of how the building design follows the proposed style.
Copies of the Guidelines are available for purchase in the Planning and Zoning Department for $10.60, (including tax).

If downloading a copy, be sure to set printer to booklet printing and double sided. 
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