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The Beach Property Owners Design Manual is intended to serve as a guide for preserving and perpetuating the unique residential character of the North Beach, Seagate, or Ocean Neighborhoods whose boundaries are defined by the Manual. The Manual addresses various topics regarding the development of compatible single family homes (new or additions) in the two neighborhoods.  The Design Manual is designed to meet the needs of a variety of users: property owners, architects, building contractors, and landscape contractors, as well as city officials and staff, and the general public.

REVIEW PROCESS: The review process for properties within these neighborhoods is to submit an application for review by Staff. The intent of the City review is for technical compliance with the Land Development Regulations, and may also include review for compliance with the applicable Building and Fire Codes. Technical comments will be provided to the applicant. Once these comments have been addressed, the project will be forwarded to the City's contracted consultant for review. This additional review is required to ensure compliance with the Design Manual guidelines. 

BEACH PROPERTY OWNERS DESIGN MANUAL: The Design Manual is also intended to be utilized in conjunction with the City of Delray Beach Land Development Regulations and the Comprehensive Plan. Together, these documents provide a framework which can foster creative design approaches and solutions. The regulations and guidelines in this Manual are, by specific intent, illustrative rather than prescriptive. They do not dissect every architectural influence, nor do they attempt to prescribe specific, detailed ways to handle every type of alteration to existing structures. They do, however, provide a methodology and common framework for reviewing submissions and attaching conditions, if any, to project approvals.

Although the user is encouraged to read the Manual in its entirety, the document has been divided into sections to reduce download time and to allow the reader to focus on specific elements.
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