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The City's Zoning and Future Land Use Maps can be found by clicking the links below. 

  • Zoning Map The Zoning Map provides the zoning districts for each parcel of land, and also indicates the location of any overlay districts historic districts, or future annexation areas. Zoning District regulations can be found in Article 4.4 of the Land Development Regulations. 
  • Future Land Use Map The Future Land Use Map provides the designated future land use category for each parcel of land, as well as the Water Well Protection Zones and Coastal High Hazard Area within the City. Future Land Use Categories and Descriptions can be found within the Future Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan. 

NOTE: These maps open up in a .pdf format, and may be enlarged by clicking on the "+" sign towards the bottom of the map. This will appear when scrolling over the lower central portion of the map. The map may also be moved by holding the left button down on the mouse and moving/dragging the map. 

SAD (Special Activity District) Zoning Districts: This map lays out all the locations for SAD zoned properties, and provides their associated Ordinance number. City Ordinances can be found on the City Clerk's Document Archives page.

Workforce Housing: This map illustrates all projects and their locations which have been approved for Workforce Housing units. Additional information on the City's Workforce Housing regulations can be found in the LDRs. 

Stand Alone Bars: Regulations regarding Stand Alone Bars are located in LDR Section 4.3.3, Subsection (V), Uses Involving Alcoholic Beverages. 


Historic Districts and Individually Listed Sites and Properties

Additional information on each historic district can be found on the Historic Preservation page.

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