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According to the Local Historic Preservation Ordinance, a property must fulfill one or more of the following criteria to qualify as an historic site:
  • Is associated with the life of a person important in city, state, or national history;
  • Is associated in a significant way with a major historic event of a cultural, economic, social, military, or political nature;
  • Exemplifies the historical, political, cultural, or social trend of the community in history;
  • Is associated with a past or continuing institution, which has contributed substantially to the City's life.
The building, site, or structure is deemed to have significant architectural or aesthetic significance if it:
  • Portrays the environment in an era of history characterized by a particular architectural style;
  • Embodies the distinguishing characteristics of an architectural style, period, or method of construction;
  • Is an historic or outstanding work of a prominent architect, designer, landscape architect, or builder;
  • Contains elements of design, detail, material, or craftsmanship of outstanding quality, or which represented, in its time, a significant innovation or adaptation to the South Florida environment.
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