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The Historic Preservation Program Does

  • Encourage adaptive re-use of historic buildings.

  • Provide forms of relief such as the granting of waivers and variances for historic properties.

  • Offer financial incentives through the City’s tax abatement program.

  • Require administrative or Historic Preservation Board (HPB) review of exterior alterations.

  • Offer restoration and rehabilitation information to property owners through historic preservation design guidelines.

  • Require HPB review of all demolitions, relocations, and new construction.

  • Enhance community recognition and pride.

  • Maintain the character and scale/development pattern of your neighborhood.

  • Improve the local economy by promoting tourism and garnering interest in the City's architectural and cultural heritage.

  • Offer staff and on-line assistance relating to historic preservation issues.

  • Encourage historic research and public education concerning historic architecture and Delray’s historic neighborhoods.

  • Stabilize neighborhoods and improve property values.

  • Welcome contemporary infill.

  • Offer an opportunity for public participation during HPB reviews.

The Historic Preservation Board Does NOT

  • Usurp individual property rights.

  • Affect interior changes including alteration of floor plans or interior design.

  • Restrict additions or improvements to historic properties.

  • Mandate specific exterior paint colors.

  • Require that a building be open to the public or that the property owner participate in organized tours.

  • Require review for routine maintenance.

  • Override zoning district regulations.

  • Require restoration of a building (repairs using exact period building materials).

  • Demand the purchase of a historical plaque.

  • Interfere with life/safety issues.

  • Require re-construction of a building if demolished by natural disaster.

  • Deny the use of storm protection on a historic building.

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