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The Land use designation of property is the basic building block of City planning. It describes a property's general category of development, such as residential, commercial or industrial. Land use designations have been assigned for all property in the City and in the future annexation areas, and are shown on the Future Land Use Map. Because of its fundamental nature, a land use designation is not readily changed. Changes require not only approval within the City, but an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan, involving review by many state and regional agencies.

Phase I: Initiation by the Planning and Zoning Board or the City Commission at a regular meeting, or upon application by a property owner.

Phase II: Planning and Zoning Board public hearing with a recommendation to City Commission. City Commission public hearing to decide whether or not to transmit the amendment for state and regional review.

Phase III: After State and regional review and comment, the Planning and Zoning Board holds a public hearing to recommend whether or not to adopt the amendment.

  • City Commission holds two meetings, generally two weeks apart, to vote on an ordinance to adopt the amendment. The second meeting is a public hearing. If adopted, the land use designation is officially changed on the Future Land Use Map.

NOTE: There is an abbreviated process for small scale amendments that eliminates the transmittal step but still includes state and regional review.

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