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The Planning and Zoning Department is one of the co-keepers (along with the Environmental Services Department) of the City's DIGITAL BASE MAP SYSTEM.

The Digital Base Map System (DBMS) is a computer aided mapping system. The goal of the DBMS is to keep a flexible, current and uniform base map of our City, which can be overlaid with a variety of subjects or theme maps, for spatial analysis purposes.

The Department is responsible for maintaining and updating the Base Map component of the Digital Base Map System. This component is comprised of such details as: street rights-of-way, street names, property lot lines, waterways, and the official City limits.

The following are examples of individual subject overlay or theme maps, which the Department produces using the Digital Base Map System:

  • Original Site-Location Maps for all development projects, and any projects requiring spatial analysis or location identification;

  • The official Zoning Map, Future Land Use Map, Annexation History Atlas, and City-Owned Properties Map; and,

  • Maps such as the U.S. Census Tract and Block Groups, Traffic Analysis Zones, and Palm Beach County Student Area Codes (SAC's) which are produced by outside sources and have been transformed to the Digital Base Map System for analysis purposes.

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