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All property within the City has been assigned a Zoning District category which is shown on the Official Zoning Map. The zoning designation defines the specific uses allowed on a piece of property (single family residential, business office, retail sales, etc.). Zoning is a more specific classification of use than the land use designation. Zoning designations are to be consistent with the Future Land Use Map (for example a commercial zoning district cannot overlay a residential land use designation).

Changes in zoning, or "rezonings", can be initiated by a property owner or by the City. Rezoning requests must be justified by showing at least one of the following reasons:

  • The existing zoning was applied in error;

  • Circumstances have changed to make the existing zoning inappropriate;

  • The proposed zoning is more appropriate than the existing and is of similar intensity.

The Planning and Zoning Board holds a public hearing to make a recommendation to the City Commission. The City Commission holds two meetings to consider the rezoning ordinance. The second meeting is a public hearing, at which final action is taken.

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