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The Investigative Division is divided into two sections: Investigations and Narcotics Enforcement Section.

Criminal Intelligence Unit
The Criminal Intelligence Unit is responsible for analyzing crime, crime trends, and predictive policing. The unit gathers criminal intelligence as well as identifies prolific and targeted offenders, then disseminates this information for action to various entities within the police department to eradicate crime.

Crime Scene Unit
The Crime Scene Unit’s responsibility is to respond to crime scenes to collect essential evidence, which assist other sections or units, within the police department, with investigating and solving cases.

Evidence Unit
The Evidence Unit’s function is to ensure that all items placed into the police department’s secure evidence area is properly packaged, recorded (electronically or manually), and stored.

Narcotics Enforcement Section
The Narcotics Enforcement Section’s responsibility is to combat the supply of drugs that continue to impact the community. This is accomplished by preventing, reducing, and controlling crime, by decreasing the supply of drugs distributed in the community, and by lessening the profitability of those persons supplying the drugs.

Persons Unit
The Persons Unit’s responsibility is to conduct follow up investigations to reported crimes, i.e., robbery, burglary, auto-theft, battery, stalking homicide, and cases involving juveniles.

Property Unit
The Property Unit investigates white-collar crimes, i.e., check and insurance fraud and identity theft, etc.


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