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The Delray Beach Police Department’s Volunteer Program consists of hundreds of dedicated men and women who devote countless hours of their time in adding to the safety and security of the city. The volunteers work in many capacities within the agency and throughout the city in positions such as: Clerical, Parking Enforcement, Roving Patrol, Citizens on Patrol, Elder Affairs, etc. The amazing countless hours contributed by the volunteers is equivalent to having 19 additional fulltime employees. Similarly, the volunteers are obligated to uphold the same mission and standards as the agency’s fulltime personnel.

To continue with the agency’s drive in being, what we consider as, the best police department across the nation, the agency has taken on an aggressive approach in developing and promoting positive working relationships and partnerships with its citizens, its business owners, its volunteers and with agency personnel. This strong and well-organized police-driven alliance has proven to be extremely effective in the agency’s crime fighting efforts, and has improved the overall quality of life for those who live in the City of Delray Beach.In 2008, the agency’s Volunteer Coordinator and the Chief of Police traveled to San Diego, California to accept an award for the Outstanding Achievement in Law Enforcement Volunteer Programs Award. At that time, the agency’s volunteer program was one of only three volunteer programs, worldwide, that received the award. In such, the agency’s fundamental policy continue to fully support the concept of crime prevention in our neighborhoods by encouraging residents to join the Delray Beach Police Department and its volunteers in working together to make a difference.Each year, the agency makes great strides in improving the quality of its services, and attributes much of its success to the contributions made by the agency’s volunteer program.

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If you are interested in becoming a part of the agency’s volunteer program, contact Volunteer Majors:

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