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City of Delray Beach Speakers Bureau

Our Speakers Bureau stems from our effort to expand our outreach to the community and provide all our residents with the most current and correct information regarding City affairs and the many projects that are in progress around Delray Beach.  With that in mind, City Staff who specialize in various areas are available to speak or make a presentation to your organization.  Below is a list of City department heads and staff professionals who are available to give a talk and answer questions about their specialty.

If you would like to invite one or more of our staff to speak to your group, we ask that you follow these procedures:

Select a first choice, second choice, and third choice from the accompanying list.  Please give us at least one month's (20 business days) notice prior to your meeting.  Provide us with the phone number, cell number, e-mail address, and street address of your association, along with a contact person.  Include the date, time and location of the meeting.  The City will contact you soon after receiving your request to let you know if your selected speaker is available on the date you indicated.  If so, we will get directions to your meeting site at that time.

To make a request, call (561) 243-7190 during business hours weekdays.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Available Speakers - The following department heads and staff make up the City's list of speakers available to speak and/or make presentations to local civic organizations, home owner and condominium associations, and citizen and church assemblies:

Michael Coleman, Director of Community Improvement:  It's All About the People

Suzanne Fisher, CPRP, Director of Parks and Recreation:  Discover the Fun!

Amy Hanson CPRP, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation:  Parks and Recreation Programs, Activities and Events

Joan K. Goodrich, Director of Economic Development:  Congress Avenue - Delray Beach's Next Great Street

Isaac Kovner, City Engineer:  Ongoing Projects that are Affecting the Community Including Sustainable and Green Initiatives

Victor Majtenyi, Deputy Director of Public Utilities Water and Reclamation

Janet Meeks, Education Coordinator:  Education Issues, Community Programs

Dani Moschella, Police Department Public Information Manager:  Crime Prevention

Max Lohman, City Attorney:  There Ought to Be a Law: How an Ordinance is Born

Ana Puszkin-Chevlin, Ph.D., Sustainability Officer:  Sustainable Initiatives 

Kevin Saxton, Fire-Rescue Public Information Officer:  Fire Safety

Tim Stillings, Director of Planning, Zoning and Building:  How Does Our City Grow?

Phil Wotton, Ocean Rescue Superintendent Life Is A Beach:  A Day In The Life

Sharon Painter, CEO - JCD Sports Group City's Golf and Tennis Facilities CRA / Community Land Trust

Jeffrey A. Costello, Excecutive Director/CRA Downtown Redevelopment / Affordable Housing

Gerecia Jackson-Edmond, Delray Beach Community Land Trust Housing Manager Affordable Housing / Participatory Governance Fire-Rescue Department


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