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0001Delray Beach Public Library in partnership with the City of Delray Beach is ecstatic to announce our second annual city-wide youth Spelling Bee, known as “Spellebration,” on Thursday, July 26th, 2018.

The School District reminded us that our teens do not have enough vocabulary words, so the City of Delray Beach created this program to answer the call to action. “This program prepares teens for FSA, SAT, and ACT performance,” states Michael Coleman, City of Delray Beach Director of Community Improvement.

“Spelling is important because it aids in reading. It helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters. As students go through their adolescent years, those students need to develop spelling skills that will help improve their reading fluency and comprehension. Once students are able to develop these skills, those students will be able to recognize words quicker to improve their reading fluency,” said Cicely Douglas, Young Adult Librarian at the Delray Beach Public Library.

Students have been learning 300 new vocabulary words since the start of summer. Summer camps and youth centers from all around the city of Delray Beach will be participating in this event. Participating agencies include Delray Beach Public Library, KOPMN, Milagro Center, EJS Project, Delray Students First, Boys and Girls Club, Achievement Center for Children and Families and City of Delray Beach 505 Teen Center. Approximately 120 children are expected to participate in the pre-events leading up to the final “Spellebration” on July 26th each agency will present their two finalists in the middle school and high school divisions.  However, the contest is open to any middle and high school student in the community. Please register with at the library 5 days prior to the event. The spelling words and Spelling Bee rules can be found on the Library’s web site at www.delraylibrary.org. The contest will take place at the library from 10:00am-Noon, with a pizza  and ice cream lunch to follow provided by Anthony’s Pizza and Paradise Bank.

Spellebration is offering big-ticket prizes for the “Spellebrities” (winners) of the contest – first place winners receive an iPad donated by the City of Delray Beach and the Delray Beach Medical Center, second place winners get a $100 gift card provided by Rotary and the Achievement Center, and 3rd place wins a $50 gift cards provided by Delray Students First. Additional prizes will be revealed on the day of the event!

The goal of the Spellebration program is to improve literacy among the city’s teen community and offer beneficial skills that they will take with them into their education and future careers. We hope to increase reading comprehension and improve communication skills, while increasing academic and social confidence.

This event is open to the public for viewing. If you are interested in joining a team please contact (561) 266-0798.  Come spell with us!

Click this link for Spelling Words and Rules.
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